Abram de Swaan, Tegen de Vrouwen; de wereldwijde strijd van rechtsisten en jihadisten tegen de emancipatie. Englisch translation: Against women; The worldwide war by rightists and jihadists against liberation (Eng. edition mid 2020)

Critical praise:

  • ‘More woman, more human: that’s what A. de Swaan subscribes to’  Stephan Sanders in weekly De Groene Amsterdammer 30 5 2019)
  • ‘In many respects vintage De Swaan, this book: a complex and global issue is explained with a consistent vision and in crystal clear language[…] an extremely lively and readable argument, which fearlessly blazes a trail through contemporary political minefields with an appealing mixture of sociological insights, relativizing self-reflections and cut the crap (sic) reasoning ‘ Baukje Prins, in daily Trouw,  4 mei 2019
  • 'Luckily, there still are scholars who are not afraid to cast their net widely. And who are most readable to boot.’  Raymond van den Boogaard  blog 28 4 2019


University of Amsterdam | Abram de Swaan presents Sigmund Freud | AISSR Great Thinkers Series

'The uses of Freud for social science: a personal account', 20 november, 2018

Anthropologists and sociologists usually quote Sigmund Freud’s works on culture, religion and art, civilization and its discontents being the most important among them.

But Freud was, of course, also a practician who applied his own invention, ’the talking cure’: psychoanalytic therapy. And he was one of the great connaisseurs of the human psyche.

These more mundane and clinical aspects of Freud’s work even today have great practical implications for social science. Most useful for empirical work are his central concepts of ’transference’ and ‘countertransference’, as well as ‘repression’ and ‘defense’. All these notions have been transformed since Freud first proposed and applied them. In this presentation, De Swaan discusses how some kindred authors used Freud’s ideas and methods and how De Swaan went about it in his own work (especially on genocidal perpetrators).


Abram de Swaan, 2018, Before the catastroph [Før katastrofen] 

In: Anders Jericho and Cecile Felicia Stokholm Banke (eds.) Pre-Genocide; Warnings and Readiness to Protect, [Advarsler før folkedrab] Humanity in Action (Denmark), 2018; (Original Edition, Columbus 2018)

Presented at the Pre-Genocide - Warnings and Readiness to Protect Conference. Humanity in Action, 'Sinatur' Lyngby, Denmark, September 26 - 28, 2018

Genocides do not happen out of the blue. This conference focusses on the periods before the Holocaust and the Genocides in Armenia, Cambodia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Rwanda and Bosnia. What are the lessons learned? Is the world better prepared today?

Translation Abram de Swaan, 2016, Anti-israeli enthusiasms and the tragedy of blind process. [Published in French as: Les enthousiasmes anti-israéliens: la tragédie d'un processus aveugle. Raisons politiques, Nov. 2004, pp. 105-124. Published in Dutch as: Anti-israëlische enthousiasmes en de tragedie van het blind proces. De Gids, 168, nr. 5, Mei 2005, pp. 349-368.]

Translation Abram de Swaan. Diviser pour tuer. Les régimes génocidaires et leurs hommes de main. Traduit par Bertrand Abraham. Paris, Éditions du Seuil,2016. [Killing Compartments: The Mentality of Mass Murder. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015]

Review Abram De Swaan. Killing Compartments: The Mentality of Mass Murder. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015. Reviewed by David Simon (Yale University). Published on H-Diplo (October, 2015). H-net Reviews in the Humanities & Social Sciences

Interview 'Genocidi, il male non è mai banale', intervista con Abram de Swaan di Guido Caserza, Il Mattino, 27-9-2015.  (English summary)

Nomination De Swaan has been appointed Queen Wilhelmina Professor at Columbia University in New York during the Fall semester of 2015.He will teach a course for graduate and advanced undergraduate students on 'The Other Idea of Europe; Mass Annihilation in the 20th Century’.

Articles The Islamic State: Humiliation, Shame, and Rage in Fundamentalism, A. de Swaan, Yale University Press, blog 25, February 2015

On October 6 (12 am) De Swaan will give a lecture on ‘The Mentality of Mass Murder’ for the Committee on Global Thought, venue t.b.a.
De Swaan on lecture tour on The Killing Compartments along the American East coast
The Korean translation of Human Societies recently appeared recently at Hyeonamsa publ., Seoul.
The Turkish translations of Words of the World and The Killing Compartments will appear by the end of 2016.  
The Italian translation of The Killing Comparttments is in production.
Recent publications and reviews The Killing Compartments. The Mentality of Mass Murder (Oorspronkelijke en Engelse editie) Book reviews: The Unkindest Cut of All, by Stephen Budiansky, The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 9, 2015 Genocidaires, by Glenn C. Altschuler, The Huffington Post, Jan. 21, 2015