Informal Savings Funds from the Global Periphery to the Core?

Abram de Swaan & Marcel Van der Linden (Eds)

with contributions by
Eric Bähre, Aspha Bijnaar, Abdoulaye Kane, Hotze Lont, Peer Smets and the editors

Amsterdam: Aksant, 2006, 217 pp.





      • Abram de Swaan: Mutual Funds: Then and here, now and there.
        Informal savings and insurance funds in the nineteenth-century West and the present non-western world.
      • Erik Bähre: Changing interdependencies and the State.
        How financial mutuals have changed in South Africa.
      • Aspha Bijnaar: As ye sow, so shall ye reap! Kasmoni in Suriname.
      • Abdoulaye Kane: Tontines and village cash boxes along the Thilonge-Dakar–Paris emigration route.
      • Hotze Lont: Social security in financial self-help organizations. An Indonesian example.
      • Peer Smets: Changing financial mutuals in urban India.
        Practice, functions, trust and development trajectories.
      • Marcel van der Linden: Varieties of Mutualism.


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